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Funeral Home Role Detail

What does the funeral home do when a death occurs?

While there are a large number of details at the time of a death, Roland Funeral Service is dedicated to assisting you through each step.  Because serving your family is our highest priority, you can rest assured that all the details will be addressed in a timely and professional manner.

These services and details include:

green bullet transfer of the body to the funeral home from the place of death (including coordinating details when    the death occurs away from home)

green bullet embalming and body preparation

green bullet casketing and presenting the body if there is to be a viewing, visitation and/or funeral or memorial    service

green bullet coordinating vital statistics and obituary information with family

green bullet contacting local and out of town newspapersand coordinating obituary and service information

green bullet contacting local and out of town radio stations and coordinating obituary and service information

green bullet entering obituary and service information on the Roland Funeral Service website

green bullet entering obituary and service information on the Roland Funeral Service dictaphone service

green bullet obtaining the death certificate from the doctor or medical examiner, completing vital statistics    information and filing with the county recorder's office

green bullet obtaining certified copies of the death certificate

green bullet obtaining other legal authorizations for final disposition

green bullet reviewing preplanning and prefunding plans with the family

green bullet planning and personalizing the funeral/memorial service with the family

green bullet ordering of caskets, urns, monuments, monument final date additions and/or keepsakes

green bullet creating and ordering personalized casket head panels and/or vault appliques

green bullet ordering vault and graveside tent set up

green bullet scheduling of visitations and services; perhaps a reception afterward

green bullet coordinating plans with church, chapel, or synagogue, clergy and/or other celebrant officiates

green bullet coordinating plans with caterers or others providing food services

green bullet preparing and cleaning of the funeral home for visitations, services and/or luncheons

green bullet preparing and cleaning of service vehicles

green bullet coordinating plans with cemeteryin the event of a casket or urn burial

green bullet preparation of a picture memorial DVD if desired by the family

green bullet coordinating flower deliveries and receiving/displaying flower arrangements and memorabilia

green bullet photographing flower arrangements, editing photos and placing them in a family register book with    donors' names

green bullet register books personalized with family information

green bullet personalized memory record/funeral service program created and printed

green bullet transfer and presentation of the deceased, flowers and other memorabilia when service is held away  from the funeral home

green bullet conducting visitations and services with professionally licensed personnel

green bullet funeral service video DVD or audio created when desired by the family

green bullet preparation of register book photographs of service events

green bullet occasionally, in very cold weather, setting kerosene heaters near the tent and providing lap blankets at the graveside tent to take the chill off

green bullet notifying Social Security

green bullet applying for Veteran's benefits (flags and bronze plaques)

green bullet assistance with life insurance claims

green bullet encouraging, providing and assisting in grief support

Our spacious, homelike facilities are available for visitation and memorial services. Beginning with the first notification, Roland Funeral Service will coordinate all the details to insure that they are carried out to your satisfaction.

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