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Answers for the Kid in all of us, from 3-103.
A series by Amy Jo Roland on excerpts
from Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven for Kids epm.org


How Should We Anticipate Heaven?

When I was a kid, I loved looking through some of the most magical of books—TOY CATALOGS!  My favorite was the one that came out in October each year.  That thing was over an inch thick and filled with amazing photos of toys and fun items the company suggested could be purchased for Christmas.  Since my birthday falls in December, I loved to write out long lists of things that my parents could choose from for my presents for both occasions.  I spent hours, pouring over my options and carefully considered each item, size, color, etc.  The dolls were exquisite, and there were so many accessories to go with them.  I loved the little household items–ovens that really baked, sinks that had running water, a kid-sized sewing machine—I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that I have enjoyed a good portion of my career years actively engaged in homemaking.  Then the bicycles, motorized riding toys and my all-time favorite, The Whiz Wheel!  (That was awesome!  You sat in the middle and separately cranked two big wheels, one on each side of your body.  If you did it right, you could spin it around like a saucer.  Sick-making but fun!)  As I edged into the upper-elementary grades, the individual video games began to come on the scene.  There was one that simulated driving a race car— and then the wondrous—Frogger!

Oh!  The anticipation of opening those wrapped boxes to find out which one they picked for me was nearly as much of my enjoyment as actually having it in my hands.  Or as in one case, up my nose!  While I’m onto this subject, I must share a “joke’s on me” memory.  It was one of those “I couldn’t wait” gifts.  With no one looking—I got so curious about it, while I was doing the pinch and shake examination, I discovered a tiny tear in the gift wrap and actually gave it a sniff—which was followed by a completely unexpected surprise!  My aunt and uncle had brought our family a beautiful braided string of hot red peppers.  Ow!  One of those little pepper seeds lit up my sinuses so hot that I howled in tears until my family came to rescue me with a Kleenex and a rioting of laughter.

Even so, while the years have gone by and I have grown up, I recall with so much fondness, the process of looking and choosing and savoring the wait until I could pull off the paper and bows and actually claim my prized possessions.

My family and I ponder Heaven in much the same way children look forward to receiving gifts.  We read in Genesis that God created this spectacular earth in 6 days—and even with the brokenness that human sin has brought to it, we all know that it is still breathtaking and amazing!  Two thousand years ago, Jesus said He was leaving this earth to “go and prepare a place” for us.   If what we see of nature in the here and now— created in six days and deteriorated by humans for centuries—can fill us with so much joy and wonder, can you imagine what His untainted creation of two thousand years will be like?  Shouldn’t we be anticipating and building up our excitement for our real home?

Randy Alcorn writes, “Maybe at some point you’ve said, ‘I believe Jesus died for the wrong things I’ve done’.  Perhaps you’ve placed your trust in him.  If so, the Bible promises that Heaven will be your future home.  Jesus said so himself.  ‘There is more than enough room in my Father’s home.  If this were not so, would I have told you I am going to prepare a place for you?  When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am’ (John 14:2-3).

“Finding out in advance about the Grand Canyon or Disney World or summer camp helps us get excited and look forward to going there.  The Bible says, ‘We are looking forward to the new heavens and new earth he has promised, a world filled with God’s righteousness’ (2 Peter 3:13).  But we won’t really look forward to that place unless we know something about its attractions before we get there, right?”

Be inspired today to get into the Word of God (it’s better than magical!  It’s real!); see what He has to say about your future.  Be spurred on today to give that future to Jesus and receive your ticket to the wonders he has been working on for two thousand years—so you can pour over the gifts that are ahead.  Be excited today to know that He loves you so much that through his personal sacrifice for you, He paid your way to the perfect place He is creating with you in mind—and preparing you to fully enjoy.  Be at peace today that the anticipation will come to the point that you can pull off the bow and paper and claim your most prized possession.  The day is coming when He will welcome us into the place that our hearts were designed to be perfectly at home in – let’s savor the thoughts!



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