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Answers for the Kid in all of us, from 3-103.
A series by Amy Jo Roland on excerpts
from Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven for Kids epm.org

What Cool Features Will the New Earth Have?

Penguins!  Doesn’t that word make you smile?   Remember the last time you went to the zoo and the penguin exhibit was packed with people laughing, pointing and mesmerized with the antics of these unique creatures?   Penguins love to show off and entertain.  They seem to find so much freezing-cold fun that we get tired just standing there watching and yet we are glued to the spot, because they are showmen of the highest order.

And social . . . can you imagine if people worked together so industriously and interacted so joyfully?  Don’t images of incredibly dapper, animated penguin waiters sliding up to a smiling dinner party, including Mary Poppins and Bert, almost give you the giggles as you read this?  Those cartoonists captured it so cleverly–these amazing little guys even fall gracefully.  If baseball teams were made up of penguins, there would be so few injuries that we might actually have a whole team for an entire season.

The egg-sitting that they so patiently do, puts all of us who complained about having to slow down a bit during pregnancy, to shame.  And the penguin dad’s handle more than their fair share.  I looked it up this morning; the mom’s take off for girls’ night (or girls’ month) and the father’s don’t even ask them to bring back takeout.   It says they lose 45% of their body weight just standing there snuggling their egg.

Awhile back a friend of mine did some studying about penguins, noting that they were only discovered by humans within the last 500 years.  Think of the centuries of our ancestors who never even heard of a penguin, let alone got to watch a guy with a bucket of fish delight a whole troop of them–crowds standing by to cheer them on.  She commented to me that the only person that even knew about them since the beginning of time–was God–The One Who created them.  He did so for His own glory and enjoyment.  If we think they are fun, can you imagine the kick He gets out of them?

“What,” you might wonder, “does this penguin essay have to do with the Cool Features of the New Earth?”  Glad you asked . . .  There have been so many interesting and amazing natural wonders and unusual species that have recently been discovered and are being stumbled upon constantly.  So many already here on this earth that I’ll never have the time or money to see.  My friend that shared her thoughts on God’s excitement about penguins was also lamenting to me that she will probably not be able to afford an extended hiking trip in Europe.  It’s her life-long dream of bucket-list quality and it had been troubling her that it was most likely not going to come to fruition between finances and family obligations.  And then in her typical eternal perspective, she began to realize that the New Earth will have all the mountains, streams, trees, animals, and trails she could ever wish for and all eternity to explore them.  Their untainted perfection will rival our knowledge of the Black Forest or the Alpine Rouge so magnificently that it’s almost (not quite) a waste to go see them now.  Kind of like paying to see the billboard for a coming attraction at our favorite zoo.  Or, at least, buying tickets to see the artificial zoo version of the real thing.  One other bonus–for our older readers—her knee is not going to give her even one fit.

Randy Alcorn compares my friend’s musings on a New Earth Travel Package, to a new version of a computer game.  ” . . . You hope that the new version will have better features, don’t you?  You eagerly scan the package, hoping that you’ll see phrases like better graphics or a bigger adventure.

“It’s only natural to wonder what new features ‘Earth version 2.0’ will have, especially considering how the original Earth 1.0, once an amazingly good program, was infected with the Sin Virus on every level.  The River of Life and the Tree of Life are just a couple of the fantastic things we’ll see on New Earth.  Because it will be a new version of this same Earth, we should expect some of the features we see now: forests, waterfalls, and rivers, for example.”

God loves surprises of the best kind and delights to show them to His only creation that He created in His own image–us.  If God has this many astounding things to show us around so many corners and under so many rocks in this fallen, scarred world, can you imagine the features he has in mind for the New One?  Go ahead, try . . .


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