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Answers for the Kid in all of us, from 3-103.
A series by Amy Jo Roland on excerpts
from Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven for Kids epm.org

Will Animals Talk in Heaven?

Have you known or heard of pets that nearly blew you away with their incredibly smart, clever, sweet or funny behaviors?  For our family, it is our delightful Bichon Poodle, Snicker Doodle, who fits into our funeral business where he amazes people with his sensitivity for seeking out children, and adults as well, who are in need of comforting.  Snickers came to us as a puppy who had been abandoned along a highway near Villisca a couple of years ago.  We are often called on to share the story of our find as follows:

When none of the neighboring families in the area could locate an owner for the little stray, one suggested Atlantic veterinarian, Dr. Victora, would find him a home.  While Doc’s wife was cleaning the scruffy, soiled little guy, they were trying to think who would love and care for such a nice pet.  It was then that our daughter appeared to pick up her cat.  Amongst the three, an agreement was pounced upon, and we were soon answering a texted picture of the cutie—with the message, “We think this pup would make a good funeral home dog!”  And who could have turned the adorable little fellow down?!  Promptly, we responded, “Bring him home!”

Since that day, Snickers has followed me—right along with my shadow—making me feel totally adored.  A fantastic side to this is that he has become a therapy dog with a knack for seeking out grieving folks who will welcome his paw pats on their shins.  Hearts melt when his solemn eyes tell them that he would be pleased to be taken into their empty arms.  As he speaks his consoling message to aching hearts, those who observe his gift agree that it is surely God given.

Further on the subject of animals’ human-like gifts, Randy Alcorn, author of Heaven for Kids, probes our minds in regard to parts that animals may play in Heaven:
“Have you read the stories by Beatrix Potter about Peter Rabbit, Mr. Jeremy Fisher, and other animal friends?  How about The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame or the Narnia books by S.S. Lewis?  If you love any of these stories, I’ll bet you wish that animals really could talk.  (It’s okay, you can admit it.)

“At least one animal talked in the Garden of Eden—the serpent, who turned out to be Satan.  We’re told that the serpent was “more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made” (Genesis 3:1).  This means that other animals were also crafty.  Notice Eve didn’t say “Wow, Adam!  A snake just talked to me?”  She didn’t seem surprised that a snake could talk.  So it’s possible that other animals—at least some of the other crafty ones—talked too.

“Animals, as God originally created them, were smart—probably smarter than we imagine.  The most intelligent animals we see around us can’t be compared to the way animals were before the first sin.  Why?  Because the wrong choices that Adam and Eve made affected all of creation.  If people will be smarter and have more abilities on New Earth, should it surprise us that animals might also be smarter and have more abilities there?

“How exciting to discover for ourselves someday the unbelievable things God has planned for the New Earth!  You might want to thank him right now for whatever plans he has for his animal kingdom.”

Wouldn’t it be fun to find in Heaven—that our pets might be among the other animals that are mentioned will be there in scriptures?  We do know that whether God creates entirely new animals; brings back to life animals that have suffered in our present world (giving them new bodies that will last forever); or that He creates some animals brand-new and brings back to life some old ones—we can look forward to enjoying the company, in Eternity, of those amazing creations. And, well, I like to think that He just might surprise us by gifting them with the ability to speak vocally.  Whether vocally or not, whatever He actually does, I, for one, feel it’s good to be Dreaming of Heaven for Kids!


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